Recommended Books

Biblically faithful and challenging books are a great blessing from God. Here are some great books that are worth reading and having on your shelf to give to others.

A Fresh Start

John Chapman introduces readers to the Jesus he has loved and served for over 50 years. He explains what a Christian is, how to become a Christian and how to begin a new life through Jesus. This is a classic book that is well worth a read if you are exploring what it means to be a Christian.





The Trellis and the Vine

All Christian ministry is a mixture of trellis and vine. There is vine work: the prayerful preaching and teaching of the word of God to see people converted and grow to maturity as disciples of Christ. Vine work is the Great Commission. And there is trellis work: creating and maintaining the physical and organizational structures and programs that support vine work and its growth.

The image of the trellis and the vine raises all the fundamental questions of Christian ministry:

  • What is the vine for?
  • How does the vine grow?
  • How does the vine relate to my church?
  • What is vine work and what is trellis work, and how can we tell the difference?
  • What part do different people play in growing the vine?
  • How can we get more people involved in vine work?

In The Trellis and the Vine, Colin Marshall and Tony Payne answer these urgent questions afresh. They dig back into the Bible’s view of Christian ministry, and argue that a major mind-shift is required if we are to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ, and see the vine flourish again.

One to One Bible Reading: a simple guide for every Christian

This is a great book. Short, to the point and immensely practical. It shows how the simple activity of reading the Bible with someone can change lives and gives you the practical tools to do it yourself. Everything you need to get going is in the book.






Remaking a Broken World


In this stimulating and easy-to-read book, Christopher Ash takes a fresh look at the overarching narrative of the Bible and brings it to bear on the most pressing question for today’s believers: “How can the ordinary local church help restore the fractured world we live in?”