Responding to Nepal

(Part One) – Where is God’s Love?

It is hard to imagine the devastation in Nepal. People searching through rubble with their bare hands to find family members -injured, dying, dead. The survivors now huddled together throughout the rain filled nights, the dust and dirt turning to mud around them. There is no one to help them, no aid to reach these distant villages where all roads have been cut off. An occasional helicopter flies by to take the most seriously injured away. But nothing else. And as our TV screens are filled with these images our minds begin to reel. Not because we doubt God is sovereign but because we know he is. How can our knowledge that God is good stay standing in the reality of these earth shattering events.

Our knowledge that God does indeed love us must be grounded in something so strong that it can withstand the greatest of all tests and trials. And there is only one place we will find that security. Romans puts it like this: “ But God demonstrated his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners Christ died for us” (Rms 5:8). That is our cornerstone. God knows what faces us in this fragile life. But such is his demonstration on the cross he asks what can separate us from his love, “shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness”,  and we might add earthquake?

The answer comes “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us” (Rms 8:35,37). You notice it says loved. It is past tense! Not that he doesn’t continue to love us, but that once-and-for-all act of sacrificial love stands in history as the undeniable demonstration of his love.

Responding to Nepal (Part Two) – Anglican Aid

Anglican Aid visited the church on Wednesday. We were but one of a number of churches that Anglican Aid visited. Anglican Aid sent representatives, who came to read the Bible with our group, as a part of their ‘Flawless Bible Tour’.

We read part of Nehemiah together. And our reading was couched in prayer to God. At first it seemed strange to read part of the Old Testament. But after a while this made sense. As the name suggests, they trust in and celebrate with thanksgiving the fact that the Bible is the flawless word of God – it shows us the way of salvation through faith in he Son, Jesus.

The ‘Flawless Bible Tour’ is a campaign that Anglican Aid is running this year in the Sydney Diocese. They wish to partner with churches to raise up prayer supporters and raise financial contributions for the work of training pastors overseas, particularly on the African continent. But Anglican Aid has numerous other people that they support. In March 2015, they launched their appeal for Vanuatu. And the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid has now launched an appeal to support emergency relief in Nepal. After consultation with CMS Australia, funds will be disbursed through INF and the Diocese of Singapore.

Please consider supporting this appeal. You will find details online and in the flyer insert.